Addressing the Maltese Cabinet

During a Cabinet Meeting that was taking place in Dingli Secondary School, George was invited to address the Maltese Prime Minister, Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries.

After being approached by the Head of School, George started working on points they wanted to highlight in their speech. After some back and forth with the points, George, together with the Head of School finalised the points they wanted to share with the Maltese Cabinet.

On the 11th of October 2022, Prime Minister Robert Abela toured the school, seeing hands-on (VET) classes and speaking to students. After his tour of the school was finished, the Prime Minister was brought up to the Hall of SNC Dingli Secondary, which was turned into a temporary Conference Room. After an opening speech by the Prime Minister, who was sat directly opposite of George, the 8 guests started delivering their speeches.

George was the 2nd to deliver their speech. Their speech focused on how the Maltese Education System prepared George for life after Secondary School, the Importance of Extra-Curricular activities and how Current Affairs should be covered in school. They also mentioned the importance of being able to analyse politics from a non-partisan lens, and how to view what’s happening around you from an informed perspective.

After George delivered their speech, the room applauded George’s Speech, and the Prime Minister himself gave a thumbs up to George. After the rest of the speakers concluded their speech, the Prime Minister and Minister for Education delived a speech. In this speech, George’s points were brought up by the Prime Minister, and they were even called a potential future leader of the country.

Being featured on TVM News (National Broadcaster), ONE News and Pjazza, amongst other programmes who mentioned George’s speech, this was definitely a success. An unexpected thing that happened after the speech was that George was praised on Pjazza by Karl Stagno Navarra and the Minister of Social Policy and Children’s Rights, for the professional way they handled their speech, and being prominently featured on ONE News. George’s speech was mentioned in a bunch of Maltese newspapers, including the Times of Malta, Malta Today and the Malta Independent.

Full speech of George addressing the Maltese Cabinet
Coverage of George’s speech on the Talk Show Pjazza
Coverage of the whole Cabinet Meeting on TVM News (National Broadcaster)
Coverage of George’s speech on ONE News
George giving their speech to the Prime Minister and the rest of the Maltese Cabinet
George with the Maltese Prime Minister, Hon Robert Abela MP
George and another spokesperson before they gave their speech
The Cabinet Meeting consisted of Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and stakeholders