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About George4all

A little bit about me

Hey there, I am George Vella, better known as George4All. As a curious person, I’m always up to try new experiences. That’s what led me to collaborate closely with different agencies and act a bridge between agencies ranging from the Office of the Commissioner of Children, to the European Commission, and young people as a whole.

I also never miss an opportunity to make my voice heard, which gave me multiple experiences to share my thoughts. From speaking in European Panels to adressing the Maltese Cabinet, I like public speaking. I also occasionally create my own videos, either as a self-production or in association with an agency.

About George4all

Youth Ambassador

One of my main roles is representing Young people in various different events. I collaborate closely with the Office of the Commissioner of Children, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, ŻAK Malta, JAAKLAC Iniciativa and Better Internet for Kids to participate in different events, highlighting teenagers’ view on different topics.

I regularly participate in Maltese events, such as a Strategy on School Sports or forming part of the Council for Children.

I also participate in European events, such as interviewing EU Officials during the 2022 Safer Internet Forum and discussing the impact on children of the DSA Law during the 2023 DSA Stakeholder Event.

About George4all

Public Speaking

A skill that goes hand in hand my work as a Youth Ambassador, is Public Speaking. I have addressed various high-level individuals and bodies, such as the Maltese Cabinet , individual MEPs and European Policymakers.

I also love any chance I  get to deliver a speech, and have spoken in anything from a Celebration of the Epiphany, to a Closing Message at the end of their compulsory education during my final Prize Day. 

I have also been awarded a keepsake from Aġenzija Żgħażagħ for being the Best Male Speaker in the 2023 Young Parliamentarians debate.


About George4all

Content Creation

Over the years, I have created various different projects, all of which have helped me learn more about Video Editing and Photo Manipulation, amongst other things. 

My current flagship project is working with different agencies, such as the Maltese Safer Internet Centre, BeSmartOnline! to co-create videos.

I also have a presence on Youtube. George4All focuses on high production value content which highlights various different topics. George4EAS is focused on doing EAS Scenarios, which are simulations of what could be broadcast on TV if an a certain scenario had to take place. George4Extras is focused on posting extra content, preserving moments of personal, national or international importance, or otherwise videos I’d like to preserve online.

About George4all

Unified Brand Name

You might have noticed the constant use of the George4All brandname, across the website and beyond. Whilst George4All started as a funny nickname for my Youtube channel back in approximately 2018, it has since grown to encompass pretty much all of my online presence.

George4All is a unified brand name that links all of my different projects together. This website is an extension of that vision, as it is a central hub where visitors can access pretty much everything related to George4All


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