Codesprint Press Release

Together with Shylon Attard, and other Codesprint participants from SNC Dingli Secondary School, George attended a press release for the 2023 edition of Codesprint.

Codesprint is a Maltese Coding competition in which participants put their skills to the test by working their way through a series of tasks to earn a spot at the finals.

George Vella and Shylon Attard were invited to attend the Press Release by their School since although both of them finished school a while back, they were interested in Codesprint. After chatting with Hon Clifton Grima, Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation, the students were invited to attent the Press Release.

Education Officer Josmar Borg opened the Press Release by stating that the contest will feature different levels of expertise as participants complete a series of open-book coding challenges. He added that the need for a community to be fostered around the world of Computing is critical, and these types of challenges help foster such a community.

Minister for Education Clifton Grima highlighted the importance of these types of opportunies and compared this challenge to the Games of the Small States of Europe, in which Malta had an outstanding performance compared to previous years.

After concluding the Press Release, the Minister chatted with the students, where amongst other things they discussed the importance of such challenges, MATSEC Exams and Love Island Malta.

George was asked by TVMNews, the Newsroom of the National Broadcaster to highlight their views on the challenge, in which they said:

“Instead of a cooking recipe, you write a recipe for the computer. In Codesprint this is the same concept, with the difference that subjects are given at that moment, and you have a time limit in which to accomplish them. I enjoy this, because it teaches you to pay attention to not just the time, but also to finding solutions quickly that you would not have found otherwise.