End of Secondary School

Class of ’23

After 13 scholastic years in St Nicholas’ College, my compulsory education journey ends here. During these years, the people I was lucky to be able to call my teachers taught me invaluable skills, most of which went further than what the curriculum requires.

From Primary in Mġarr, to Middle in Rabat and Secondary in Ħad-Dingli, I kept growing not just as a student, but as a teenager. The teachers and friends I made throughout these years will stay in my heart for the rest of my life.

I can’t not mention my friends, who turned school from a routine to a new experience everyday. Especially during these last 5 years I spent with the rest of the College, I made new friends and built amazing relationships. From Volcanoes to Helsinki, it’s impossible not to mention my amazing school friends.

From participating in the High Five challenge when I was in Year 6, to addressing Cabinet and even winning best speaker in Young Parliamentarians, I have grown a lot since my first day in Kinder, and for this I’d like to thank whoever helped me further my knowledge.

As I mentioned in my Prize Day Speech, despite of the problems we faced together, COVID-19 being the main one, we had an amazing educational journey, that led us to become mature teenagers, with various skills.